About Star Family Wisdom

Star Family Wisdom is a paradigm shifting Podcast, Community
and Modern-Day Mystery School for your Spiritual and Cosmic evolution!

►Rediscover your true origins and your infinite potential, find balance between
mind, body and spirit, and awaken your human superpowers

►Prepare for ET and UFO disclosure, learn to connect with your Star Family, and become a
Galactic citizen

►Integrate ancient and current spiritual and cosmic wisdom, and practices that will support you in liberating yourself from anxiety and fear, allowing you to
manifest your highest and most authentic self

Follow the link below to access digital courses, e-books, and free resources for your evolution!

About the Founder

Jenna is a former Global Vice President for Whole Foods
Market and has been leading teams and individuals through change and transformation for over 15 years. As an experiencer of supernatural phenomena and ET contact, Jenna has developed a passion for helping humans embrace a multidimensional reality without fear. Through those experiences, Jenna began remembering lives “off Earth” and is now focused on her mission in this life “to be a teacher of lost knowledge and wisdom from the Stars”. In early 2021 Jenna founded Star Family Wisdom, a modern day mystery school and community, where you can access programs, products and digital courses on Spirituality, Shamanism, ET Contact, and Personal Evolution. Jenna has been initiated by the Four Winds Society and Q'ero lineage of Peruvian Shamanism, is a Certified Master Energy Medicine Practitioner, and has also been initiated into the Ancient Holy Practices of Yeshua and the Holy Family (of the Sri Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba Divine lineage). She is also a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and is a passionate advocate for the indigenous communities and wisdom
keepers who have been fierce protectors of humanity’s original wisdom.